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For Everyone is an adult live video chat site, where Members and visitors meet amateur Models and PornStars from around the world. The Models broadcast video feed live from their home or studio, and interact with visitors in public or private rooms through video, voice, chat and messages. offers a wide variety of Models. To find one who fits a certain taste or preference, Users may use a search bar on the top of lift of cams. Models are available based on appearance, age, spoken language, specialties, and on many other specifications by typing in simple key words. Once a registered user finds a favourite, the Model can be added to a personal Favourite list and saved for next time.
Our Terms of Service Hyperlink contains the site rules, including the following:
  • Do not use abusive language while chatting or broadcasting, including racism and hate speech.
  • Do not harass other users for any reason. Causing issues with other users will result in a ban.
  • Performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not use drugs on cam even if it is legal in your jurisdiction (e.g., medical marijuana, lots of alcohol and more than 32 cups of coffee at once ).
  • Do not broadcast in a public area where people may unknowingly appear on your broadcast
This site is working on all devices and platforms ( phone/tablet, Pc/Mac ) via supported browsers, but due to 3D VR specialisation it is strongly recommended to use VR capable cell phones with VR Kit and Terpon cameras for 3D VR broadcasting.
Yes, most models have different types of those devices and are ready to use them. Note, that this feature is charged separately. Strongly recommended are Kirooo devices.
No, only Web browsers are supported currently.
Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox
Yes! Any user on has the ability to watch cams until the model room gets full. Registered users will be on the top of the viewing queue. Registered users can broadcast themselves free of charge. Credit cards are not necessary to enjoy this site! But there are few recommendations. Due to Virtual reality specialisation of this site, is strongly recommended to own VR Kit for your VR capable cell phone and Terpon 3D Camera for broadcasting.

For Users

Unregistered users can view the public show of the model in 2D PTZ ( Pan / tilt / zoom ) mode or 3D VR mode if the room is not full. To get full and continuous experience with all available features, you have to become a registered user.
Once you enter a chat room, you may begin a conversation with the Model in the chat field. In the free area other visitors and Members also chat with the Model, who responds in a color different than the guests. You can use our unique smileys and attract attention from the Model.
Follow the instructions for current device included in your device package. Model will show you her QR code on demand. Note that this feature is charged separately. In our “Tour” you can see whole process in picture strip. Devices are allowed only in private show.
Private shows lets you get your favourite broadcasters in a room to yourself. For broadcasters, they are a good way to accumulate tokens at a faster rate, as you can set your own price for how much you charge by the minute.
The model can only hear the voice of the user. ( Video stream was declined due to picture of user with VR Kit, which seems to be absurd)

For Models

  • In You can broadcast both 2D standard or 3D TERPON camera, but due to specialisation of site in to 3D VR broadcast, models who broadcasts with 3D TERPON cameras will be preferred and topped on site.
  • While TERPON cameras have no built in microphone, basic stereo microphone is with Terpon camera shipped. HQ studio microphone with sound card is more than ideal. Depends only on your sound quality preferences.
  • We recommend using with the Google Chrome browser, which can be downloaded at (it improves on issues that other browsers may have with the site).
  • TERPON cameras need at least Intel i5 CPU Coffe Lake and USB3 port, to run properly.
  • First, make sure your router's firewall setting isn't too restricting, along with any other wifi or browser security settings.
  • If that does not work, please try clearing your browser's cache as far back as it will go. You can find instructions for each browser - use google
  • If you are still having trouble connecting a camera, try troubleshooting the issue by clicking the "Allow" button near the address/url bar to allow cam access for the site.
Follow the instructions for current device included in your device package. You should show your QR code on your profile page to successful pairing. You are not mandatory to do this, but it’s charged separately, so it is in Your best interest ( and ours too ;) ). In our “Tour” you can see whole process in picture strip. Devices are allowed only in private show.
All details are part of Your profile.
No, You are not employee of or AYNIL, You are working on your own, but / AYNIL is mandatory to buy tokens Your customers tipped You.

For Studios

Same way as user account, but instead of user account Sign Up
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